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Frequently Asked Questions

In the current era of technological advancements, there are numerous methods available for delivering television content. Among these, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) stands out as a highly influential system. As the name suggests, IPTV utilizes Internet Protocol and is designed to synchronize with telecommunications networks. Broadband connections are commonly used for IPTV, but any service capable of transmitting packet data can be employed.

Certainly not. You will establish a connection to our Vision TV servers via the internet. There is no requirement for a dish or satellite equipment. All you need is your firestick, Android device, Smart TV, or Smartphone!
Our high-quality streams leverage state-of-the-art H264 technology, ensuring optimal compression and superior visual quality. Typically, stream sizes hover around 8 Mbps. However, during channel changes, the H264 protocol may experience a temporary increase in bandwidth utilization to initiate the visual display. Consequently, a minimum internet connection speed of 16 Mbps is recommended, with 30 Mbps being the preferred choice for HD channels.

Our company offers comprehensive support for a wide range of devices, including Firestick, MAG, Android Smart Phones, Android Boxes, and Smart TVs.

It is highly advisable to establish a wired connection (Ethernet) to your device for optimal performance.

In the event of account activation or technical support-related issues, the typical response time is between one and two hours. However, we endeavor to respond within an hour of receiving such messages. Please be advised that during peak business hours, the response time may be extended to up to three hours. For immediate assistance, we recommend utilizing our 24/7 live chat feature located at the bottom right corner of our website. Alternatively, you may reach us via WhatsApp, which can be found at the bottom left corner of our website.
By utilizing a Firestick or Android box, users gain access to a comprehensive array of applications available on the Android Google Play Store. This integration transforms your television into an interactive platform, enabling you to leverage applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu, among others. As a result, your television becomes the ultimate hub for boundless entertainment.

If you would like to purchase one of our subscriptions, either message us via WhatsApp or via our live chat button located at the bottom left corner of our website!

That is completely fine! You can either install WhatsApp and message us, or you can contact us via the Live Chat button located at the bottom corner of our website, and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries that you may have.

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